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Are you looking for smarter facility services solutions combined with real cost reductions? Let Ozland show you how - all from one sophisticated cloud-based platform.

This year has shifted the way we live and work - changing it forever. As we begin to rebuild, we are faced with challenges but also opportunity.

We are presented with the opportunity to assess the way we operate and to take steps to become more future-proof. To do this, organisations require more than simply reviewing cleaning and security solutions to meet the new realities.

Our CEO, James Carlile, explains how Ozland can help.

'I believe that a change has been coming over the last 2 to 3 years and the pandemic has fast-tracked this change. Right now there's more pressure on property owners than ever before. They are looking for efficiency in all aspects of the business, not just cost savings. At the same time, they are looking for ways to enhance the customer experience across their buildings.'

Companies want more from their service providers and Ozland can deliver a single point of contact and a fully integrated solution across a wide range of service areas.

'Ozland can deliver more than direct property services. We can offer support and assistance with the delivery of all services and administration required to ensure the efficient day to day operation of our clients’ properties. In particular, we have built a very robust and effective system to deliver facilities services to National multisite property owners and managers. This holistic approach saves you both time and money.'

Our property service expertise is combined with cutting-edge technology to automate and innovate. We have a range of measures to make your buildings safer and healthier for staff, customers and the public. And our integrated platform allows a 360-degree approach, improving property management efficiencies.


Uncoordinated and siloed property management has been a problem for so many of our clients, so we decided it was time for a different approach. We understand it is important that we still have the required experienced and expertise in each of these silos but the real point of difference is when we integrate and realise the benefits from having one contract and the power of one team being accountable for the assets.

Our single point of contact account management provides our clients with so many benefits, from more flexibility, better coordination and communication to transparency, greater control and less paperwork. This integrated approach allows us and our clients to reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Our people are highly trained. 'Our commitment to staff training and development is second to none. When we have been awarded an integrated contract we focus heavily on training the team members on what it means to support each other in the delivery of the one contract….culture of accountability, everyone working together and supporting each other to optimise asset presentation and customer experience. We provide a variety of industry, customer service and client-specific programs for our employees. We ensure our people deliver the highest level of service to our customers while being offered a rewarding career.'

Our people are supported by our company values of integrity, teamwork, attitude, performance and passion. These form the framework for our employees to deliver outstanding customer service as well as guiding their daily actions.


Our approach is simple. 'We provide a range of tailored services to our clients, using a single point of contact. We are flexible and agile, so can help with services specific to each client's needs, even if that means going outside of our usual scope.'

While we can customise solutions to meet our clients' needs, we are also able to help with standard property procurement arrangements.

'Our platform helps you have the right data at hand, improve your processes and connectivity. This information supports decision-making at every level.’

Our integrated management solutions cover all aspects of your property.

Data Management

Let our program do the heavy lifting. Our data analytics capability helps you to identify trends, discover inefficiencies, and optimise cost control measures. Our fully integrated technology gives you complete visibility over all property and facility operations, while enabling management of all property-related services. The program automates workforce management, compliance and asset management capability and gives you real-time reporting and analytics.

Healthy Environments

Traditional cleaning methods are hazardous for health and in most cases are no longer adequate. Our cleaning services and protocols can prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading for weeks after treatment. Our non-toxic cleaning and infection control are healthier for you and your people. It is TGA approved and remains effective on surfaces for up to 28 days, providing piece of mind while reducing the need for additional cleaning.

Integrated Security Solutions

When it comes to property service and protection, we offer a wide range of electronic security and staffing solutions. Integrating technology effectively will create better security risk mitigation outcomes. We work with our clients to best determine how to deploy an integrated solution that includes the security officers, mobile patrols to electronic security CCTV, duress and access control and cost effective alarm responses. We also arrange concierge, gatekeeping, traffic control and events security.


Our platform looks after all your compliance concerns, only allocating personnel with correct certifications, licences and skills to each project. You no longer need to risk reputational damage or loss of credibility, as the platform automates all the critical compliance processes for you.

Employee Management

Effective resource management is made easy with our platform. Our single cloud-based system is accessible from anywhere and is available on as many devices as needed. You can schedule your resources, plan maintenance and respond to emergencies more effectively. Each task is tracked for more visibility, control and efficiency.

Simplify Scheduling

As you grow, effective job scheduling requires an automated platform. You can distribute jobs based on priority, skill set, date and geographic distances, all with real-time updates. You can even schedule maintenance activities across multiple assets and locations. Our asset management software features automated life-cycle planning, document management and condition-based maintenance. Our comprehensive AI and data analytics help you make fully informed decisions.

Building and Maintenance Services

Our facilities team can manage building and construction projects of any size. We complete capital and structural builds, as well as regular conservation work such as electrical, fire services, plumbing, defit/refit and amenities upgrades. We provide property maintenance such as pest control, landscaping, handyman and carpentry services.

Cleaning and Waste Management

We provide a vast range of cleaning and waste management services. Our industrial cleaning includes high-pressure cleaning and graffiti removal. Our ecological approach to cleaning procedures are ideal for event and hospitality cleaning. We assist with laundry, hygiene and waste management solutions.

Cost Reduction

Our program eliminates inefficient operational practices and duplication of services and helps to identify opportunities for more effective deployment, multi-skilling, and procurement of services.


We take a proactive approach to ensuring our services and property operations reduce our impact on the environment by embracing renewable energy sources. We have developed new ways to deal with wastage, reduce our carbon footprint and utilise equipment and consumables that have minimal impact.

Diversity and Community Ozland Group Solutions is committed to creating a supportive, diverse and inclusive workplace - providing opportunities for all people. Beyond our four walls, we are dedicated to building lasting connections, by fostering awareness, knowledge, and understanding through communication, cooperation and community building.

'Our one-stop service solutions and dedication to outstanding customer service truly sets us apart. You could say we offer big company service at small company prices.'

For further information please contact Ozland Group Solutions

1300 144 114

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